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Student Summer Project Placements

Updated: May 5, 2018

Industry partners of the SFRA are given the opportunity to engage postgraduate students with practical projects which are proposed by industry, facilitated by the SFRA for the mutual benefit of innovative young professionals and industry.

The student summer project placement program allows industry to propose projects to the SFRA, who will then source suitbale postgraduate students from MSc programs in financial risk, financial mathematics, actuarial, statistics, computer science and machine learning in Heriot-Watt and University of Edinburgh.

Industry will then be able to interview suitable candidates and make offers of project positions. The students selected will then chose from the options on offer that best captures there interest and suites their interests.

Engage Young Minds with Challenging Industry Problems.

2018 Project Partners and Project Topics:


Traditional with-profits final bonus rate model.

Aberdeen Standard Investments:

Systematic strategies for trade execution optimisation

Alternative methodologies for alpha scores


Banking product propensity modelling

Application of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms in Data Governance activities

Hymans Robertson:

Pensions chatbot training - customers

Pensions chatbot training - advisors

Pensions guidance data analysis

Pensions decision simulation framework

Lloyds Banking Group:

Pro-cyclicality of Credit Risk Impairment Losses Under the IFRS9 Accounting Standard

Moodys Analytics:

Quantitative analytics of dynamic asset management

Bond return risk factor modelling

Machine Learning Calibration Tool

Machine Learning Factor Analysis

Portfolio Rebalancing

Vine Copulas For Stressing Correlations

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

Machine Learning through reinforcement techniques in credit risk modelling

Machine learning techniques for stress testing

Forecasting methodologies for stress testing

Scottish Widows (LBG):

Impacts on credit risk portfolio of changes in ownership

AI/Machine Learning insights for actuarial models

Cyber breach operational impact assessment

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