The SFRA has a variety of activities that seek to engage and foster knowledge exchange between members from university academics, as well as the undergraduate and postgraduate student bodies with leading figures in the financial risk and insurance industry.

SFRA Activities

The activities aim to promote several important ideals:

  • the importance and significance of careers in the financial services sector as data scientists, quantitative analysts and insurance specialists in actuarial science and beyond;

  • to raise awareness of the opportunities and career trajectories for financial services that STEM graduates in Scotland can embark on to explore emerging trends in statistics, data science, computing, and machine learning;

  • to foster the transfer and translation of innovation from leading Scottish academic institutions into Scottish enterprise and to focus the solutions on real-world problems that will create innovation and growth in quantitative expertise in Scotlands financial sectors.


It is a unique opportunity to undertake direct exchange and development of common initiatives and responses to emerging challenges in quantitative data science and risk and insurance disciplines that form a unison between academia and industry.

High Frequency Financial Data Bloomberg Workshop

Upcoming dates

Heriot Watt University


February - March 2020

James Clerk Maxwell building, School of Mathematics (University of Edinburgh)

Data Summit

19th & 20th March 2020

The Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

Scottish Financial Risk Academy,

Room EMB 1.12,

Earl Mountbatten Building,

Riccarton Campus,

Heriot-Watt University,

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK EH14 4AS

Programme Coordinator

Stephen Marshall

office: 0131 451 8440


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