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To complement their academic studies, our students are actively seeking opportunities to gain uniquely valuable industry experience right at the beginning of their careers.

SFRA arranges and supports bespoke industry placements for Industry Supervisors and students. You and your company will benefit from contact with self-starting and motivated students.  For MSc Projects, after approval of your project and a competitive selection process, you will select your optimum candidate for the project.  Supported by Academic Supervision, the student will work closely with you to complete and present their findings whilst completing their dissertation based on your project idea.

We are highly experienced in delivering rewarding Industry Placements, supporting Industry Supervisors and Students through all stages of the projects.

Industry Placement Information

SFRA are experienced in providing over 100 industry project placements.

With this years enrolment we promote opportunities to over 400 students from Heriot Watt University, Strathclyde University and the University of Edinburgh 2022-23 Masters Programmes.  Further programmes from wider university programmes in Scotland will be updated prior to the submission deadline.

Project Submission - Key Stages:

SFRA submit the project to Academic Programme Directors for review and approval


SFRA advertise the Project Placement. Students apply, an approved shortlist is interviewed and the successful candidate is selected


The Project Placement is structured by the Industry Supervisor and Student, supported by the SFRA and an Academic Supervisor


The student submits their dissertation to their respective university exam board as part of their MSc.


MSc project placements take place for 8-10 weeks between June and August. 


All stages of the placement take place online via Teams/Zoom, or the industry partners preference.

SFRA Focus Areas

Cyber Risk

Credit Risk

Decarbonization & Green Finance

Consumer Fraud

MSc Programmes

Financial Mathematics

Financial Modelling & Optimization

Operational Research

Computational Mathematical Finance


Actuarial Science & Management

Quantitative Finance & Mathematics

Quantitative Financial Risk Management

Stochastic Modelling and Computational Data Science

Actuarial Management & Data Science

Operational Risk with Computational Optimization

Statistics & Data Science

The deadline for projects submissions is the 15th December 2023, however if you have a project idea to submit, or if you have any questions on the project placement submission process please see our submissions webpage or contact the SFRA Coordinator Stephen Marshall by email or on .

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