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A series of events @ Panmure House, Edinburgh

A.Risk in Decarbonization Finance
Panmure House
December 9th 2022

B.Sustainability and Venture Capital
March 10th 2023

C.Sustainable Capitalism & the Circular Economy
April 28th 2023 (provisional date)

D.Decarbonization & Insurance
May 19th 2023 (provisional date)

E.Policy and Politics of Decarbonization
June 16th 2023 (provisional date)


Sponsored by

The Scottish Financial Risk Academy

& The Centre for Networks and Enterprise Excellence, Edinburgh Business School

The Decarbonization Challenge
To decarbonize industrial economies requires substantial financial resources, investing in the right technologies, a conducive regulatory framework and supportive citizens.  The latter are expected to willingly support through taxes and regulation the substantive transformation of both the production and consumption of industrial products.  The UK and other industrial states are expected to deliver on ambitious commitments to reduce CO2 emissions while investing in a transformation to a sustainable, circular and ESG compliant economic model.

Our Vision
To address this research agenda at the Centre for Networks and Enterprise Excellence (CNEE) we have invested resources on two projects supported by UKRI awards as part of the IDRIC consortium.  Our IDRIC projects focus on Risk in Decarbonization Finance and on Knowledge Networks in Decarbonization.  Our work on these projects has allowed us to reach unique insights in the way risk is evaluated by financial institutions and the wider economy and how technology frontiers affect decarbonization options.  We wish to communicate and debate our interim findings on: green bond premiums variance across industrial sectors; rate of growth in different technologies and its impact on investment risk; rating agency variance in certification and ESG scores; interactions between the market for carbon and green bonds; volatility in the secondary market for green bonds; new models of forecasting insurance liabilities; comprehensive assessment of policy options.

Event Series Aims

  • Consider current research finding

  • Consider new instruments for advancing decarbonization

  • Implications of research findings for policy

  • Consider socio-economic implications of a green transformation

Target Audience

  • Industrial partners to IDRIC

  • Financial Institutions considering decarbonization instruments

  • Financial institutions considering risk in decarbonization funding

  • Researchers working on decarbonization technologies

  • Researchers working on decarbonization finance and social transformations

  • Experts in decarbonization regulation and policy

For Further Details on upcoming events please contact

Financing Decarbonization:
Risk, Knowledge, Policy

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