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  • SFRA review the project to mutually beneficial Academic and Industry expectations

  • SFRA advertise the Project Placement. Students apply, an approved shortlist is interviewed and the successful candidate is selected

  • The Project Placement is structured by the Industry Supervisor and Student, supported by the SFRA and an Academic Supervisor

  • The Placement is completed to deadline and the Dissertation is submitted for Academic assessment

Industry Partners





Project Submission Form

For your intended industry project please submit to us the details by online form or word document.  Please include:

  • Title & Description

  • References

  • Any software experience or background knowledge required by the student

  • The proposed format of the placement, for example in-office or distance contact by skype/telephone communications


Project Review

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Agreement Form

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Health & Safety Form

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Example: Project Advertisement

The industry project will be mutually agreed from an academic and industry perspective, forming the Industry Placement advertisement document.

The SFRA Industry Placement Agreement Form and Timeline will be prepared in advance. Mutually beneficial expectations will be formally established that will ensure the smooth running of the Industry Placement for both Industry Supervisor and Student, supported by the SFRA Coordinator and Academic Supervisor.

The Industry Placement has a requirement by the Industry Partner to accept public domain status of the student’s dissertation.

For further information on the suitability of your project with regards to areas of potential commercially sensitivity, please contact the SFRA Coordinator Stephen Marshall to arrange a brief meeting to discuss.

All Agreement Documentation will be in place prior to the interview and selection stage.


Interview Stage & Selection

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Feedback Form

The Industry Placement will be advertised to the student bodies of Heriot Watt University and University of Edinburgh.

Student applications are received through a secure online application process that corresponds to both universities policies on GDPR and student VISA status.  Students are expressly encouraged to independently seek out advice on the quality of the presentation and content of their CV's and covering letters.

Applications are then vetted by the SFRA Coordinator and Academic Supervisors.  A short-list of the highest quality of talent will be then forwarded for the Industry Partners consideration.

Industry Partners can organise their own interview and selection stage, or SFRA can arrange the interview and selection stage for Industry Partners, both local to Edinburgh or by telephone or skype.*

Prior to the Industry Placement, the successful applicants will formally meet with the SFRA Coordinator. The Agreement Form will be discussed to ensure the student will fully understand theirs and each individuals responsibilities, (including deadline date for dissertation submission), any Industry Partner documents required, and the full expectations of the Industry Placement.**

* SFRA will administrate the offers and acceptance stage of the process.
**The University Exam Board will confirm all students eligibility to proceed with the project placement as part of their MSc.

  • The student and Industry Supervisor decide the arrangements of the Industry Project

  • The Industry Supervisor is responsible for the industry-side implementation of the Industry Project

  • The student is responsible for the completion of the Industry Project (supported by an SFRA Academic Supervisor)

  • The Industry Placement is supported by the SFRA Coordinator

  • On completion, the student will write and submit their MSc Dissertation on the agreed deadline date. The student will make a presentation of the project to the Industry Partner

  • The Dissertation will be academically assessed, published in the public domain, and form part of the students MSc qualification

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